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  • Logan Miles

Painting your privacy wall in Phuket.

When painting your exterior boundry, privacy or property wall always do these steps.

1. Wash and scrub the wall of mold, mildew and dirt. Never prime or paint over dirt, its just ting tong. Phuket weather provides a great environment for mildew growth.

2. Prime the wall with a proper exterior primer. Rolled or brushed, NOT sprayed!

3. Choose the exterior paint from a TOA distributor. Home Pro is expensive and the staff clueless.

4. Expect the color on the chart to vary from the wall application. When matching existing color look for existing flaked paint from the wall. Scrape these paint chips and bring down to your local paint distributor for match comparison.

5. Get the paint shaken for a good 10 minutes at the shop.

6. Make sure to stir the bottom before of the paint can to make sure adequate mixing.

7. A freshly primed wall males the paint cover more square meters and keeps true to the actual color chart.

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